December 1989

I won this travel!

I won a Journey of 12 days, for two people, fly and hotel!

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Rio de Janero

Iguacu' Falls


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Rio: every thing you want!

Beach, discos, partys...every thing you want to enjoy.
It's better if you are a male!


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Iguacu': Wonderful amazement!

cascate versante Brasiliano.(79821 byte)

cascate dall'elicottero.(91802 byte)

Iguacu' Falls are on the border between
Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay.
You should go to Brazil only to see the Iguacu' Falls!

There are three points of view:
Brazilian point, Argentine point and by helicopter.

BRAZILIAN POINT OF VIEW : along a easy path from the
Cataratas Hotel of Iguacu' you arrive at the bottom of the falls. From this point of view, the cataratas are very beautiful. They appear like a large and enchanted japanese garden! (picture on the left).

ARGENTINE POINT OF VIEW : from the Cataratas Hotel of Iguacu, by a taxi, you can go to Argentina, going away the Paraguay border, and then reach the Falls' parking.

Now, you have to walk along a gangplank that crosses the large Iguacu' River. At the end of the gangplank you arrive over the main chasm of Iguacu' Falls. Along this way you are more and more wet for the steam that is rised because of the falls.

At the end of the gangplank there is a small terrace hanged up the main chasm. Here, you are assailed by the roar of the river that with power falls down. Here, you are bewitched by the water's colours that quickly change themself from ivory white to ice white till yellow/green. Here you are snatch by the power and the strength of the waters that incessantlement are moving and that quickler change shape and look.

Cascate versante Argentino.(12993 byte)

Above all, the most fascinating thing are the swallows' flighties. They flyies over the falls and suddendly speeds up the chasm in the middle of the heavy steam! For some seconds, you don't see them...but after they emerge again. What are they looking for? What are they doing?   Are they challenging the power of nature or simply taking a shower?

When you see these swallows making like that, you should do a thing:  you should try to lean out the   hanged up terrace, listening the powerful roar and feeling the wet steam on your skin, and then try to became one of that swallows. So that, you'll fall down into the water, go across the time and then emerge up the storm. You will feel alive and free like that swallows. I do it!

HELICOPTER : you should go over the falls by helicopter! You'll see the splendour and the greatness of this magnificent natural sight! You'll see the rainbow that often dominate these falls. (picture on the right)


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Manaus: the confluence of two rivers

Confluenza Fiumi.(98858 byte)

Imbarcadero di Manaus(29177 byte)

Manaus is the city in the center of the Amazonian forest. Better not thinking, obviously, to the bugs, the warmth and to eventual big rats... A beautifulst 5 stars hotel is the Tropical. I stayed well.

The most adventurous vacation would be that one of making trekking in the forest taking a local guide: better to arrive prepared physically and emotionally because in the forest the mosquitos eat you!. This kind of travel is to be very well organized.

I choose a more simpler goal: to rent a motor barge in order to go to see the confluence of the two rivers. The Black River and the Solimoes River, joining each other near Manaus, begin the great Amazons River. It's a show much onlooker.

First of all, in the point where the two rivers converge, the distance between the two bank of the forest is approximately 10 Km, and that isn't a little thing! But the really onlooker thing is that the waters of the two rivers, approximately for 20 Km, run parallels and not mix together! The Black River has transparent and black waters while the Solimoes is torbid and with a light brown color. Moreover the two rivers, that have different densities, due to the presence or less of sand in suspension, have different temperatures. And the game is done! With the barges they carry you to the nearly central point where the two rivers touch each other and what you see between the two different colors of waters is a floating foam that so much remembers you the "italian cappuccino"! This kind of line continues to loss of eye. In the photo over, you should enought understand this thing.


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