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A Really Enchanted Short Journey

1996 December

Three days in Sidney, six in the Desert and three in Melbourne.

Ayers Rock! Go!Palm Valley! Go!Mac Donnell! Go!12 Apostoli! Go!  


If you would like to go to the Desert,
when you are in Alice Springs,
you should buy a
Flyes are very,very noisy! 

NoFlyes Cap
If you are going to travel around the Desert,
it' really comfortable to rent a jeep like this with beds, gas cooker,sink and refrigerator.
It's just a little expansive!

Don't forget to do insurance against kangaroo.
We met some people that have had their car destroyed in a crash with a kangaroo!
When you are in Melbourne,
don't forget to go to see the
Penguin's Parade!
The little Penguins have been
the most amusing thing of my journey!

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Ayers Roch

The holy mountais

Far from, while you are approaching it by car,
you have the perception of its to be magical.

You see it, alone, in the middle of the desert plain.

You feel its Energy.

Ayers Rock view

When you arrive, first of all you could drive around it.
You'll see it from different views.
It's really surprising: this rock changes itself continually!

Then you could walk around it.
You'll feel much more the solemnity of this place!
There is the vibration of Aborigenal Spirituality.

Ayers Rock walking around

The most moving and, in the same time, tiring thing it's to climb it up.

You can go up only ultil 9.00 a.m.  (strict rules!).

Ayers Rock the Climb

This mountain is really steep!
You need one hour to arrive at the end of the climb!
After this big labour, you have to walk on the Rock until the last top.
There is a soft and undulated path marked with a white line.
Only when you are here, on the top, you'll be able to understand
the true solemnity of this mountain!
You look around and see the unlimited desert below you.
You feel the warm and strong wind blowing all around you.
You have the perception that this scarlet rock quivers for the earth's energy.
Here, you are part of the Universe.

Ayers Rock top

  You would never go down!

Don't forget:
1) at 7.00 p.m. you should go to the Sun Set Point
to see the Mountain's colour when sun is setting.
2) at 5.00 a.m. you should go to the Sun Rising Point
to see another different color of the Rock.
Then you can climb it up.

Olgas Mountains from Ayers Rock

From the top of Ayers Rock, you see the
Olgas Mountains

Just some puddings of scarlet rock!

Olgas Mountains Olgas Mountains

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Palm Valley

Palms in the Desert!

(two hours of hard driving: you are alone with the palms. There is nobody!)


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Mac Donnell National Park

Water in the Desert!

(would you like to swim?!!)


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12 Apostles

Apocalyptic landscape!

12Apostles1 12Apostles2

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