The recipes that you will find in this collection are "the food" that usually I cook for my family. They are a common way of italian cooking.
I have few time therefore I always try to cook things
simple and fast to prepare.
I prefer to cook fresh foods and not to use ready foods.
Some recipes are also those that my husband cooks...
often he is better than me!
I have inserted also some recipes of my mother that do not have a fast preparation: some are plates of the Lombardic tradition and others are truly optimal Cakes!
There is, also,  a section in order to cook with the microwaves oven.
To experiment!
Finally, the last section is about International Recipes.

Some instruction:
A good quality of Italian pasta that you can find is "BARILLA".
"Maccheroncini", "Farfalle", "Fusilli" are kind of Italian pasta.
If you have any question, please e-mail me!