Happy Birthday Sister Lindor

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Have a very Happy Birthday !
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sisters are forever

Each morning when the day begins.
When other friendships fade or end.
Sisters are Forever

Seasons come and seasons go
Summer rains turn into snow
but no matter where you live
or how far you go
You will always have a "SISTER" within us

We are "Sisters" are Forever


on this day in history...

1935 - Leonard Keeler conducted a test of the polygraph, or lie detector machine, on this day, in Portage, WI. It marked the first time that one of the mysterious boxes was used. Of course, when asked by an examiner if he did, in fact, invent the machine, Mr. Keeler calmly said "Yes!" and 5,000 volts of direct current went through his body for lying. He could never prove otherwise

1962 - 8 of 9 planets align for 1st time in 400 years

1977 - The film Star Wars opens in the USA

1987 - In a poll conducted by "People" magazine, readers selected Katharine Hepburn and Cary Grant as their favorite, all-time acting greats

You share your birthday with :

1928 - Elaine Stritch (actress: Three Violent People, Providence, September)

1937 - Martina Arroyo (opera soprano, New York Met.)1947 -
Farrah Fawcett-Majors (actress: Charlie's Angels, The Burning Bed)


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